Awe-inspiring Heart-shaped Mangrove in Cagbalete Island Resort

We always hear the quote, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”, which more of us, Filipinos, and most of our tourists certify. If you’re an adventurer and haven’t been here in Cagbalete, Mauban Quezon City, this might be your sign or chance to visit this beautiful scenery. It will be an enjoyable trip if you’re […]

Freelancing in the Philippines

Best option for Mom and Dad Why switch to freelance work The flood of layoffs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic is causing many people to make the switch to freelance work. In addition to providing a way to earn income when businesses are hesitant to hire full-time employees, many of these positions offer flexibility that […]

Partido-A Hidden Gem

Going on travel and visiting different places here in the Philippines and outside the country has been a status quo. I for example have quite visited different places in and out of the country. And when I go on a trip, the first thing that I research is the next place I’m gonna stay for […]

The Emblem of my Soul

There’s an ultimate passion, obsession, or am fond of to be specific that ismusic. Ever since I was a kid I love music, I am fond of singing and was taughtvocalization. I was a member of a choir way back then and enjoyed singing in thechurch. My mentors were church leaders it is where my […]

To Forgive and To Forget is easy

To forgive and to forget is attainable by the human mind and heart. God, with an eternal memory, can forgive and forget our sins that we committed against him.


Language gives us the ability to hold onto memories longer. Forgiving is difficult because the human consciousness has a hard time living in the present. Although meditation is a way to empty thoughts that weighs us down, it is language that distracts us. When we think about the past that haunts us or the way […]