It’s almost 2 year since the pandemic restricted us from traveling outside the country or even neighboring provinces and cities. If you were able to travel again where would it be? 

Since I started working in the city I never saw myself living or settling down in the county. I grew up in a province and always though of it as boring. Growing up, I’ve been considered as the black sheep of the family. Always wanted to escape the boring and still province life. But because of the pandemic and maybe I am just getting old. I got fed up with the city’s fast paced life.

And then I was given the chance to work from home I decided to go back to my childhood hometown. At first I planned to stay only for a month but after enjoying the place, people and eating familiar local foods and delicacies made me stay for long and even decided to stay for good.  Oh, did I forgot to mention where our province is? It’s in Sorsogon City.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. “

Sorsogon, officially the Province of Sorsogon is a province in the Philippines located in the Bicol Region. A very small province but has a lot to offer. A month of stay and traveling to Sorsogon won’t be enough to visit all the beautiful destinations in this province.

There are a lot of good places in Sorsogon. Each place is just so near each other. The accommodations and food are not expensive. If you know how to ride a motorbike it’s the best means of transportation to drive around. It’s much cheaper especially if you are on a budget and it will also make you feel closer to nature. Just imagine driving around surrounded by beaches and trees, feeling more closer to nature than anything. 

I have few places I can recommend and most of them are budget friendly but if you enjoy expensive experience I also have something below.

Subic Beach in Matnog

What we call the little Boracay with it’s fine pink sand. What is a vacation if you don’t experience the saltiness of the air and the waves of the sea. Here, you can try different activities, like cliff diving, snorkeling, island hopping and even camping for those who wanted to stay overnight.

Lola Sayong Surf Camp

For those who love beaches but are more of an adventurer. Lola Sayong Surf Camp is for you. You can enjoy paddle boarding and surfing for a very budget friendly price. You will also experience getting coached by their handsome and professional surfers. There are also cabins where you can stay at night and their food is amazing. There are also souvenir shops around. In summer they held festivals with different bands from different parts of the Philippines. But they also have great local performers.

Residencia Del Hamor

For those who wanted to experience a hotel like service and place but still wanted to enjoy nature, Residencia is the perfect place. State of the art rooms and five star quality customer service. With a lot of services offered and good food you will never get bored with the place. You will even wish you can stay for another day. They have a strawberry and vegetable farm where you can visit, river walk, a relaxing massage and you can even rent out a bike or use their golf cart for free to go round the place. Or, you can just simply enjoy your day staying in your room where you have your own pool and a balcony to still enjoy the scenery. The place is surrounded with mountains where you can really enjoy nature and still feel the luxury of the place.

There are a lot of good places I can recommend and share with you but then if I do, this will no longer be a blog but a travel book. These beautiful places where I grew up are my motivation to work hard so I can afford to enjoy and have this kind of experience. What about you? What motivates you? And do you have places you can also recommend for our next trip?

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