As a parent their are so many life responsibilities on a daily basis often makes us highly skilled or multi-tasking. As a mother of two I want to be with my kids while working, I want to take care of and spend more time playing with them. Freelance is the best work option for stay at home parents. Since we are in pandemic more and more parents are staying at home to take care of their kids. Freelancing provides parents to be with their family while working at home. If you are a stay at home mom or would like to stay at home with your children then freelance work is a good option for you to consider – it gives you the flexibility to structure your work around your children, follow your passions as well as gain tax benefits for your family. Don’t miss out on those precious years with your children, time goes so fast and soon they will be adults and leave home, take up freelance employment and enjoy every minute with them.

Benefits of working at home

1. More time with family

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to choose the time you want to work. It gives you the flexibility of time, which means you can have a time with your family. Raising children is an important job and parents often need support to do the job well.

2. Less travel stress

In the Philippines traffic is super stressful for commuters. You spend more than 2 hours travelling from home to your workplace and it’s super stressful. Ditching the commute helps you to support your mental and physical health. The time you saves from commuting can allow you to do more priorities outside of work, like getting more sleep, spending more time with family.

3. Increased Productivity

Working from home usually leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, and less (or more efficient) meetings. Add in the lack of a commute, and remote workers typically have more time and fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity—a huge benefit of working from home for both employees and employers alike. You have the more time to focus on your work.

4. Earning not fixed

Your earnings are not fixed. You can add more clients as long as you can manage. Unlike the corporate jobs that gives you fixed income that is not enough. The more time you work the more salary you can earn. The more client you have the more earning you can do, the more earning you can earn the more saving you can save.

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