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Going on travel and visiting different places here in the Philippines and outside the country has been a status quo. I for example have quite visited different places in and out of the country. And when I go on a trip, the first thing that I research is the next place I’m gonna stay for three to four days. Factors such as beach, sceneries, food, activities, language, currency, transportation, lodgment, and people affect my decision on which tourist destination I should go a visit next.

There are places that are worth visiting but not too mainstream like my hometown-PARTIDO. It is located in Camarines Sur which was formerly known as Partido de Ibalon. It is composed of 10 municipalities namely Goa, Caramoan, Siruma, Lagonoy, San Jose, Presentacion, Tinambac, Sagñay, Garchitorena and Tigaon. You’ll know when you’re in Partido when you see the majestic Mount Isarog, an active stratovolcano that has active hot springs.

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Yes, we have natural hot springs that a-must visit when you’re in my hometown. Like Azupre Hot Spring, located at Hiwacloy, Goa, Camarines Sur. It is free for everyone to visit but you need someone from the locals to guide you there. It has three springs temperature: Cold, Warm, and Hot.

While you’re in the Hot Springs, you should also pay a visit to our Bulan-ogan Falls located at Agosais, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur. Bulan-ogan Falls is the tallest waterfall in Lagonoy.

But if you’re looking for an island adventure, I would recommend Matukad Island. The legendary milkfish (bangus) with a mystical story can be found here. It is located at Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

There’s also a nice place to stay in Partido. Here are Hibiscus Camp located at Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, and SMP Resort & Hotel located at Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

Hibiscus Camp has a unique design and beautiful scenery and is called the little Baguio of Camarines Sur.

While SMP Resort & Hotel is the newest tourist attraction in Partido that has the Tagaytay ambiance. The best sunrise experience and color-changing pool.

We also have world-class beaches like Tugawe Cove Resort in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, and Coco Beach Club PH in Poblacion, Siruma, Camarines Sur.

Coco Beach Club PH is open every day and good for camping and meditating. They have spacious parking, electricity, and a cellphone signal but no wifi. You can also request “paluto” for your a-must-tasting local dishes.

While Tugawe Cove Resort has an enjoyable view, infinity pool, well-kempt environment, and white beach.

If you are on food hunting, we have different restaurants for you to enjoy your visit. First on the list is Honcho located at Goa, Camarines Sur, which offers American food. Here, you can chill and grill while adjusting to province life.

Next, is K Street Partido located in San Jose, Camarines, which offers Korean food if you’re craving it because of that KDrama. They also have Korean Mart.

If you’re looking a local kakanin, Kapehan Sa Genorangan is for you, located at Lagonoy, Camarines Sur. They offer ibos, latik, balisongsong, coffee, rice meals and other desserts and kakanin. You can all enjoy these while experiencing nature, cool wind and green sceneries.

For health-conscious folks who like their food to be nutritious yet tasty, visit Healthy Eats located in Goa, Camarines Sur.

Wanna try something different? Try this “lechong-hito” at Oremor’s Lechon Hito located in Goa, Camarines Sur.

Of course, if you’re visiting Partido, don’t forget to try Bicol Express, Laing, Tinoktok, Kinalas, Pili nuts, and other Bicol delicacies.

Partido is waving and waiting for you to visit us. Give us Partidonians a chance to give you a warm welcome, abundant generosity, and a friendly environment that will surely entice your entire stay with us. Experience the majestic Mt. Isarog and know its mystical stories and be enchanted.

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