I was 6 years old when my mother enrolled me in pre-school as a kinder student, that’s my first step to my academic journey and back then life is so much easier because my mother wakes me up to eat breakfast that she prepared and prepped me to go to school, easy right? and so learning new things is exciting, that time, I thought I was just beginning to learn things outside our house, but I was wrong… We began to learn the course of life when we are still inside the womb of our loving and patient mother, the moment that we are conceived, we start learning.

Life itself is a good teacher and we learn it through our everyday experiences and challenges that we face. But the thing is, how do we handle and take whatever life teaches us? I’d say it is best that as a patient student, who is eager to learn new things, we can just empty our minds and be like a sponge so we can absorb all the good things that life can teach us.

Our life can tell as well if all the things that life taught us are justified for the way we lived our life. It reflects in us and reverberates through our actions. How do we make use of a good life? we make sure that we learn from all the mistakes that we committed and we share good practices of our success. And of course, as long as we continue to learn about life, it will help us improve ourselves and live our life to the fullest.

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