Although we should always prioritize our content as bloggers, it’s wonderful to have a great-looking blog, right?

Humans are a visual creature.

When something is lovely, we immediately notice it. We constantly create opinions based on appearances. Whether we should or not is beyond the issue; we just do it.

You may utilize this to your advantage as a blogger.

Having visually appealing content is a quick method to hack into your viewers’ brains and make them see you in a more positive light, whether you’re aiming to impress your subscribers or simply make your content more “pin worthy.”

In six easy actions, you may improve the appearance of your blog entries (and so appear to be a more professional blogger).

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1. Start With a Great Website Theme

The suitable website theme automatically makes your content appear beautiful.

You can’t make a gourmet meal out of store-bought items.

You receive out what you put in, whether you’re cooking or blogging. It’s like trying to cater a wedding with roadkill when you’re working with an unsightly, difficult-to-design template. Nobody’s going to be thrilled about it.

However, most of the design work is done for you when you start with a gorgeous website template (also known as a “theme”). When your web developer creates your website, they incorporate your preferred color scheme, graphics, and layout, and any new blog posts are immediately formatted to match.

This one tip will get you the most far if you’re wondering how to make your blog look more professional.

2. Have A Mobile Optimized Theme

Mobile Friendly Theme in Word Press

If you look at your Google Analytics data, you’ll notice that (probably) the MAJORITY of your readers access your site via mobile (smartphones and tablets).

Also, Google has made it a point to also give a larger boost to websites that look nice on mobile.

You need to invest in a premium theme (not a free one) to have a mobile-responsive theme but nowadays, even the free ones are coming out compatible on mobile, which is great.

If you’re thinking about creating a blog, make sure you choose a theme that looks excellent on mobile.

3. Use Images

Before, you needed to hire somebody to do the graphic work for you or learn complicated software like Photoshop, however, technology has come to the rescue again, thanks to!

When it comes to making your blog appear beautiful, Canva is your new best friend.

I recommend that you create a free account and start working on your photographs there. It’s a simple “drag-and-drop” technique that will transform your blog into something ten times better than it was before.

4. Remove Flash / Sidebar Affiliate Banners

If you want to improve the appeal of your blog, I suggest you start to liminating them.

Flash banners still work (though not as well as they once did), but they are “ugly” in my opinion!

If you want to utilize banners to promote a product, go to and make a banner that suits the theme of your blog (think colors, fonts, sizes, and so on) and replace the banner with that image.

Keep banners if you like them and they’re making you money; if that’s the case, keep them for now.

If you have banners but aren’t getting the results you desire (which is most likely the case), I recommend removing them entirely or replacing them with an image that you make and linking to your offer or review page.

5. Focus On Getting Comments

Although comments aren’t visually pleasing, they do give a site a particular “feel” that suggests it’s popular and has a large readership, which makes it more enticing to readers in some strange manner.

In majority, posts that do have comments are the ones that get higher search rankings and much more traffic as well.

If you are a new blogger, you won’t be seeing many organic comments come in but I assure you, once you get popular and start getting traffic, you will be receiving comments.


While you shouldn’t put all of your attention on the appearance of your website, the aesthetics of your blog are vital.

Updating your theme, organizing your material, and incorporating photos are all simple ways to improve the appearance of your blog while simultaneously enhancing your influence and SEO.

If creating a high-quality blog post seems like too much work (and you’d rather focus on the content), hire someone to do it for you.

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