“Pack your bags and book your ticket, you’re going on an adventure”

You should go and visit our province Bohol because there are many beautiful and amazing tourist destinations here. Bohol is also well known for its beautiful heritage churches. Some of the notable churches include the St. Joseph Cathedral in Tagbilaran, Church of the Immaculate Concepcion in Baclayon and many others. But some of its structures were damaged by high magnitude earthquake. The province of Bohol has a rich history and is home to churches dating back to the early years of Spanish colonization.

Bohol is mostly famous for its nature’s treasures, specifically the Chocolate Hills.  Chocolate Hills is the most famous Bohol tourist destination. There are more than 1,000 symmetrical mounds, conical and dome-shaped that most people liken them to Hershey’s Kisses. It is called the Chocolate Hills not because it’s made of chocolate but because of its color. In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills gives them a soft and lush appearance. While in the summer, the vegetation dies off and turns to a chocolatey brown hue, giving them their name. 

Aside from this, Bohol is known for its pristine beaches and amazing diving spots. If you’re the type of traveler who loves the beach, Bohol is a catch. Known for its white-sand beaches, islands, and diving sites, the province never disappoints its visitors especially if we’re talking about the Panglao Island—Bohol’s very own piece of Boracay. Aside from the stunning beaches, its marine life makes it a great snorkeling and diving spot as well.

Trip to Bohol won’t be complete without visiting the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Endangered and a protected species, the tarsier is a tiny and odd-looking primate. Seeing one in real life is a special experience because Bohol is one of the few places you can get to see them up close. The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella is within a short 20-minute drive from Tagbilaran City. Inside the sanctuary, you will be able to see and take photos of these marvelous creatures in their natural habitat. Just remember no flash photography, please.

As one of the country’s top tourist destinations, Bohol is a great place for foodies to discover tasty, homegrown dishes. If you’re craving seafood, you won’t be disappointed. Bohol cuisine is quite similar to that of Cebu and other neighboring Visayan provinces. However, Bohol is famous for its local delicacies such as the Peanut Kisses and Kalamay. Peanut Kisses is a peanut delicacy inspired by the Hershey’s Kisses. This includes Gatang Tikla (Crayfish in Coconut Cream), Torta, Calamay, Chorizo de Bohol, and Peanut Kisses which is a great gift to bring home to your loved ones. 

If you’re flying via Cebu, might as well go on a side-trip to Bohol. The ferry only takes around 2 hours, convenient for day trips. With the newly opened Bohol International Airport in Panglao Island, expect better access from Manila and other major PH airports.

Getting around Bohol is easy. You can see all of the top tourist spots in one day. With 2-3 days (or more), you can enjoy a more relaxed pace and maximize your time on the beach.


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