CAPIZ is a small province situated in Region 6 Western Visayas and its capital is well-known as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” 

When heaven poured out his blessing of the sea Capiz seems caught it all. Or maybe heaven shower it all to be its distinctive to all provinces. Capiz has a wide variety of aquatic & marine resources. They supply first-class seafood such as crabs, fish, shrimp seashells & many more to the many seafood restaurants in Manila and some provinces of the Philippines.

But many have never known that Capiz has a lot of beautiful places, beaches, historical places, and tourist spots where you can enjoy relax and can give you peace of mind. A truly paradise place that can fulfill your desire for nature 

If you’re looking for a place where you can have a feast of seafood while having an adventure, then Capiz must be on your bucket list.

Want to know where to go? Come!! let’s explore and tour around Capiz and see what the place can offer you while enjoying the taste of its seafood.

First stop is the capital of Capiz, Roxas City “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines”. Its title is undoubtedly for it is blessed with an abundance of aqua resources. Roxas City is an improved city surrounded by Universities and private schools, churches, hotels, seafood restaurants, and many more business establishments.

In the center of Roxas City, you can find the “Teodoro Arcinas Trade Center”. A one-stop wet market where you can find the varieties of Capiz fresh seafood that can satisfy your seafood cravings. There are many fresh vegetables and agricultural products too.

Seafood restaurants are lining up and offering you their specialties and best drooling food. Or simply enjoy the sunrise and the sunset with your special someone.

Baybay Beach is next across the City. It’s the favorite hangout place of both foreign and local visitors. The best escape place where you have fun, swim, family bonding, celebrations, special date, night outs, or just want to be alone and want to find peace of mind while enjoying the taste of different dishes of seafood.

Here are some of the appetizing foods you can enjoy on Baybay beach. Most of the restaurants sell fresh food and will cook upon your order.

This must be on your bucket list too, the “should not forget to taste” when you’re in Roxas City. This most special, awaited, and the mouthwatering clamp is called Diwal or Angel Wings. Diwal is a native language (Hiligaynon) of Capiz which means a tongue is out. You must not be surprised if this is a prized and special shellfish it’s because of its delectable and succulent taste and most awaited because of its seasonal harvest. Its abundance is from May-July each year only. The price range is from 350.00 – 650.00 pesos depending on the size.

Ruin of Alcatraz is situated on the edge of the City – the barangay of Culasi Roxas City. The place is offering you the freedom to unwind and witness the impressive seashore and waves of the sea. Serving its cinematic structure, view and ancient vibe it is mostly the choice of venue for photo shoots, the pre-nap mostly. If you are a fan of Maze Runner, you will surely love to visit this place. This unfinished and abandoned ruin and supposed to be a resort was built by Bermejo Family and for some reason left this structure and ended up as an additional adventure place for visitors of the province.

Palina Greenbelt Eco Park is another place across the city serving you a picnic vibe nature. Another adventure where you can experience a floating restaurant touring around Cadimahan River and surrounded by mangroves.

They serve delicious seafood that surely you will love it. Nature lovers will surely love this place. Best for family bonding, friends bonding, or having some date.

Come and swim and taste the freshness of the sea while aboard a restaurant. The said eco-park is located at Brgy. Cagay Roxas City. Open on Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

In the other historic side, there is the oldest house in the city. This ancestral house is the house of the late 5th President of the Philippines “Manuel Roxas” It has survived the destruction during World War II. The house is still in good condition but some structure was already renovated. Furniture and other memorabilia of the late President Manuel Roxas can be found in the house. It is open to the public with minimal entrance but you first need to coordinate with the local tourist office before you can access the house. Maintenance and management of the house is still in the hands of Roxas’s relatives.

Olotayan Island must be on your bucket list too if you were in Roxas City.  A small Brgy. Island where the locals called it a “Little Boracay” of Roxas City because of a similarity to the white sand and crystal beach of Boracay. Olotayan is best for snorkeling diving, camping, or just simply lying on the beach and embracing the calmness of the sea. An island’s picturesque and serenity offers you peace of mind, relaxation, a little rest, and a bit of escape from your busy life in the City. This small island is composed of more or less 1000 locals. They are nice and hospitable people and their primary source of living is fishing. They have nipa but to offer you if you want to have an overnight stay. There are lots more to discover in the Island so you must hurry and visit the island now!!! You can access Olotayan Island by booking a trip at “Panay River Tour” located in Brgy. Banica Roxas City. In just 45 min to 1 hour boat travel, you can experience peaceful life through Olotayan Island. 

A mini-Boracay-like beach in Capiz is Basiao Beach, locals commonly call it a virgin beach. Mini-Boracay cause of its beautiful and fine white sand, also they call it a virgin beach because only a few know about this beautiful beach. Only a few visits to this place may be due to its secluded place but if you love adventure, you will surely love this peaceful, relaxing, soothing, and not crowded place. Most companies, schools, and church organizations love to hold their seminars, outing, and retreat on this beach because of its peaceful ambiance and they can rent the whole place without any other visitors. Nipa hut is available for rent that ranges from 100-500.00 per day. After relaxing & calming your mind you can go island hopping to Mahabang Pulo Island, Marukol Gamay, and Dako island. Boats are available for rent also. Basiao beach is located at Barangay Basiao Ivisan Capiz. From Roxas City, you may take a bus or jeepney from Roxas City public terminal and go down to Ivisan town, tricycles are available for rent going to Basiao Beach.  For about 30-45minutes you can witness the beautiful and inviting nature beauty of Basiao Beach.

Let me introduce you to the two festivals in Roxas City Capiz that may captivate you and let you return to the place!!!

Sinadya sa Halaran Festival. This is held during December 4-8 every year.  Sinadya sa Halaran is blended with socials, cultural and religious events. The big event is on December 8 of the year where it is called fiesta to honor its Patron Immaculate Conception. The whole 5 days of celebration showcases Roxas City and the entire Province of Capiz’s traditions, talents, local products, ways, and sources of living, and of course, boasts their rich aquatic resources. The festival is composed of colorful activities, a parade of the festival, fluvial parade, river lighted parade, Christmas celebrations, cultural and traditional completions of different schools, and different levels of  16 municipalities of the province and 1 city.

Another festival is the CAPIZtahan which simplifies the Capiz and pista means festivities. This festival feature and showcases the province’s seafood, handicraft, and agricultural products, tourism, history & culture. The festival highlights a thanksgiving and offering for the whole year blessings to the province. Just like  Sinadya sa Halaran, there is also a grand parade that showcases giant size features of seafood, mythical creatures, and colorful costumes of street dancing. Capiztahan also celebrates to honor the death anniversary of Manuel A. Roxas, the first president of the third Republic who was born in the city, and the City of Roxas was named after him. Well, the most exciting part of the festival is to witness an abundant display of seafood and agricultural products that has to offer. Taste the seafood galore that you are craving at one table full of different seafood. Capiztahan takes its pride in April of each year and the date may on the weather conditions. Fulfill your summer gateway and adventure by visiting Roxas City Capiz in April.

If you want some religious gateway, you can visit Agtalin Shrine. This 85feet. The Statue of Mama Mary is located in Agtalin Hill at  Brgy. Dulangan, Pilar Capiz.  The Our Lhady of Miraculous Medal statue is considered as the highest Marian statue in Asia.  The chapel is located below its feet and thousands of devotees flock to the shrine and attend the mass every first Saturday of the month. The hill is consisting of 185 steps from the ground with its overlooking view on the other side of the coast of Pilar bay. It is considered by the International Marian Research Institute as worth a pilgrimage, especially for those faithful with incurable diseases. Feel and breathe the fresh air while solemnly praying for a miraculous blessing of Our Lhady of Miraculous Medal.

Another recommendation is to visit the Sta. Monica Parish Church, is a historic church in the town of Panay Capiz, a town just near Roxas City. Sta. Monica church is built of coral blocks and is approximately 70 meters long, 25 m in width, and 18 m in height; and the walls are about 3 meters thick. The church was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

This church is the favorite tourist destination in Capiz because it houses the largest bell in Asia. The bell was made by Juan Reinna around 1884 using sacks of coins contributed by the people of the town. It weighs 10 tons,7ft in diameter, and 5ft in height.

Capiz has this place called “Little Baguio” of Capiz located in Batabat Maayon Capiz. A fun, adventurous, and nature vibe place where you can experience and witness the fulfilling beauty of the sunset and sunrise at the tip of the mountain and be ready for the coldness it brings just like Baguio City. A quick place to escape and release your stress, and unwind with your loved ones.  A favorite place of riders because of its long road at the tip of the mountain, enjoying the beauty of the gift of nature, breathing fresh air while riding your favorite big bikes or cars. If you’re feeling broke and want to shout all your pains, and stress, and want to revive peace of mind, Batabat is an answer for you. You may visit first the local tourism office of town Maayon Capiz and they will assist you to come to Batabat.

Another fun, relaxing, and nature vibe spot that can fulfill your adventurous wander in Capiz is this Marugo Lake.  This paradise resort is located in Brgy. San Antonio, Tapaz Capiz. The lake is in the center of a mountain that surrounds Brgy. San Antonio and it actually a dam that supplies water to the nearby farms of Tapaz Capiz. The lake is a perfect spot for peaceful relaxation and refresh your mind and body from the pressure and stressful life in the city. You can go and enjoy kayaking or river rafting on the lake.

This peaceful resort in the middle of the green mountain and hills of Tapaz Capiz was developed by an entrepreneur family who owns about 38 hectares of land in front of the lake. They built a pool that has an overlooking view of the hills, and floating cottages to rent that can cater for up to 15 persons. 

Another boastful riches of Capiz is the small & big falls that you can find in every corner of the mountain & hilly side of Capiz. Let me introduce you to the two of the most interesting falls in Capiz that will surely fulfill your hiking and mountaineering desire.

Hinulugan falls with a scenic and natural beauty is located in Brgy. Tabunacan, Pilar Capiz, is One of the highest and bigger waterfalls in Capiz. A hiking adventure going to its final top is about 20-30 minutes from the ground. The most exciting part of going up is to witness another gigantic waterfall along the way which water is magnificently flowing from the top of the mountain to the beautiful woodlands.

You can enjoy sightseeing in the picturesque nature surrounded by trees, butterflies, and wildflowers, Many families came here during summer to relax and enjoy swimming in the shaded pool of the falls. Nipa huts or cottages are available for rent with minimal fees, also the falls have an affordable entrance fee and good service from the facilitator. This fall is managed and maintained by the Brgy. official of Tabunacan Pilar. To access Hinulugan falls, you may visit first the local tourist office of Pilar town and they will assist you on your journey to Hinulugan falls.

Another falls you may visit is the Malinamon falls that located in Jamindan Capiz. Well, I can say that you are a VIP visitor to the falls. Why VIP? well, you will be welcomed by an army troop and guarded through your adventure going to the beautiful Malinamon falls. The falls is located in the camp of CampPeralta, a military reservation n in Jamindan Capiz, you will be welcomed with a courtesy call and tactics display of antics of the reserved army. You can get up close to the soldiers while they escort you to your destination. The real adventure began when we boarded an army truck on the way to the jump-off point for Malinamon Falls. 10-15 minutes truck ride going to the end of the road then 30 minutes hiking since the halfway road is accessible only by motorcycle or hiking.

Refreshing water will welcome after your sweaty hike. Enjoyable hydrotherapeutic and not-so-cold water from above the falls makes your day adventure worth it. Malinamon falls is one of the seven falls recently discovered in the area so there are still few visitors yet and chances are you will have all place with your group. You can visit the place by booking a trip through the local tourism office of Roxas City or in the town of Jamindan, Capiz.

To complete your Capiz adventure, you may visit some of their scenic caves, here is the two of the many caves in Capiz.

The cave is surrounded by forest which adds to the attraction of the area. At some point, you have to do a belly crawl to get across and go deeper into the cave. Kipot Cave is located in Brgy. Burias Mambusao Capiz, you may approach the local tourism of Mambusao Capiz so they can assist you in your adventure. 

Kipot cave offers many chambers and one popular chamber is called Kipot Hilton which big as a ballroom hall of a hotel. There is wildlife there like deers, wild ducks, and birds. There is also a refreshing water stream where you can splash after your enjoyable exploration in the cave.

Lahab cave is one of the rising tourist spot in Brgy. San Miguel,Dumalag Capiz. The cave has a large mouth opening and from there, there is already a stalactite beautifully growing down from its ceiling that welcomes your arrival. The magnificent underground of the cave is made up of beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, crystal clear water, and a miniature terraced pool. As you go deeper, there is a pool that will amaze you in ether way.

Lahab cave can be accessed by passing through Suhot spring resort and Suhot cave which is very popular in the town most of the locals visit there to enjoy swimming, outing, and hiking, and some are celebrating a special event in the resort. From Suhot Cave and spring resort you can get a local guide that will accompany you and after about 30 minutes of trekking Lahab, the cave mouth will welcome you.

That is some of the wonders of Capiz that can fulfill your wanderlust and there are more to discover in Capiz. So what are you waiting for, grab your suitcase, pack your things and begin your adventure journey at Capiz.

How to get into Capiz

From Manilathe Super Ferry or ships from Negros Navigation can take you to Roxas City in around eighteen hours. There is also a Roll on-Roll off (RORO) that passes by Roxas City straight from Cubao in Manila. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have flights to Roxas daily every morning, taking about 40-45 minutes. Jeepneys and tricycles are available for touring the city or the province. Local tourism is approachable in every town in the province of Capiz.

Here is a list of hotels and inns for your stay in the province:

  • Roxas President’s Inn – Rizal Cor. Lopez Jaena St., Roxas City    
  • La Hacienda Hotel – Arnaldo Blcd., Roxas City
  • Nesta’s Hill Top Hotel – Provincial Park, Roxas City  
  • Image Palace Hotel – Brgy Banica, Roxas City
  • Casa Purita Hotel – Plaridel St., Roxas City

Where to Dine

Here is a list of some of the restaurants, bars and cafes located in the city:

  • Jo’s Inato Kamayan Sa Ilog Restaurant – Washington St. Roxas City
  • Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant – Lawis Baybay, Roxas City
  • Pizza Junction – Rizal St, Roxas City
  • Cake Eatcetera – Legaspi St. Roxas City
  • Arashi Bar & Restaurant – Lawis Baybay Roxas City
  • Acc Coffee & Crepes – Osmeña St. Roxas City
  • Café 1927 – P.Gomez St.Roxas City


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