Care for You


 Yes, indeed! The very first step in doing self-love is to take care of yourself. Self-care is the act of caring, loving and providing attention to oneself. It involves physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and professional care. You must admit that several factors affect you like problems in your family, friendship, work and relationship that causes stress and depression. Taking care of yourself promotes good health and character development.

Here are some of the self-care tips that you can do in order to be healthy.

  • Eat healthy and drink water
  • Exercise
  • Read books
  • Skin Care
  • Date Yourself
  • Avoid toxic people


Foods will provide energy to your body and water prevents dehydration. It will protect you from   different diseases.


Physical activities provide some health benefits. It improves physical and mental health. It will make your bones and muscles strong. You can connect with the environment by walking or running in the morning. Thanks to technology because you can do simple home workout routines by watching YouTube videos.


Reading books will provide you necessary information that will help your daily life. It will improve your communication skills, vocabulary, memory and focus.


Skin care routines will not only make you beautiful in the outside. When your skin looks good, you build more confidence and you feel better in life.


Sometimes you need to go out and date yourself. That way you can have time to assess your own feelings or have a deep understanding about what you want and what you need. Happiness comes from within. You’ll discover that simple things matter. Treat yourself once in a while like go to the mall, eat your favorite food, go to church or go watch movie.


There are people in your life that bring you negativities. When I say people, there is no exception. It can be your friends, a family member, a classmate or a random stranger. There is nothing wrong in distancing yourself or cutting off people in your life because what matters the most is your own peace of mind. Surround yourself with positivity and be with those who can bring you good thoughts.

Aside from the things that are mentioned above, there are many other ways you can do to take care of yourself like watching vlogs, writing or doing make up tutorials. It is up to you, just don’t forget your goal to self-betterment. There is no right and wrong when you do self-care as long as it benefits in a good way and can inspire other people to do the same.

And remember YOU ARE AMAZING!






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