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Near the foot of Mt. Banahaw, along the western boundary of Quezon Province lies the town of Dolores. It is about 100 kilometers south of Metro Manila and 46 kilometers northwest of the Provincial Capital, Lucena City. It is adjacent to San Pablo City, Laguna, bounded on the north by Nagcarlan, Laguna, on the south by Tiaong, Quezon, on the east by Lucban, Quezon and on the southeast by Candelaria, Quezon.

Reasons to visit Dolores

Before deciding where to spend your next vacation, be sure to read this post why you should visit Dolores. Learn about what makes this small town unique and what makes visitors return and explore more of this tropical getaway.

The town’s official tourism slogan is “Dolores: Faith and Wellness Tourist Zone” because whatever type of travel adventure you’re looking for, you’re bound to discover a fun experience in Dolores. Read on to find out why Dolores deserves to be on top of your travel bucket list.


There are essentially two main seasons in Dolores: a wet season that extends from June to November, and a dry season that runs from January to April, with May and December being the changeover months.


A portion of Mt. Banahaw protected landscape Dolores side covers a total of 1150 hectares.


Dolores is primarily an agricultural municipality with a total land area of 6035 hectares, 3858.29 hectares are devoted to production of high values crops, other areas are planted with coconut, rambutan, citrus, lanzones and other fruit trees. About 80% percent of the total population is engaged in crop production and livestock.


The people of Dolores are naturally warm and friendly. They practice simple life that is devoted to their beliefs and the family. The annual foundation day celebration of Dolores is commemorated with the conduct of three activities; the cultural presentations, Street Party, and the highlight, the Hambujan Festival. It features street dancing and ritual competition which should value the four major elements of nature; wind, water, fire and earth.

What to do in DOLORES?

Dolores offers a wide-range attractions such as nature and parks where you can do outdoor like activities camping or glamping. It also offers retreat house, a perfect place for anyone who wants to destress themselves. Dolores also has a budget-friendly restaurants and resorts which offers natural spring water.

Aside from this you can choose from different accommodations that Dolores is offering which is definitely perfect for staycation with your whole family. Furthermore, you can also visit their latest attraction which is man made forest and Dolores also has a Bee Farm which is perfect for those who have an interest in bee-keeping. You can also visit the different lakes of the town.

Other activities that Dolores offered are: ATV Ride, biking, bird watching, horseback riding and trekking. Dolores is also a perfect place for filming. It is the favorite filimng spot of different stations like ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV 5.

Lastly the most popular attraction in Dolores is the National Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows. The home of Our Lady of Sorrows is a well-known shrine for a lot of pilgrimage. People from different municipalities and neighboring provinces gathered here every friday. And the people of Dolores which is also known as “Doloresin” are zealous in keeping their heritage alive with spectacles drawing visitors both near and far.

To appreciate more of the beauty and hidden gems of Dolores, check out this E-brochure below. And to know more about Dolores, click the link:

Dolores Tourism Documentary Video

How to get here:


Take the South Luzon Expressway, exit at Batangas. Continue driving towards the direction of San Pablo City. After the Meralco office you will see a sign “TO DOLORES” turn left . Follow the road and it will lead to the town of Dolores.


JAC/JAM/Lucena Lines stationed at Kamias and Cubao along Edsa or in Buendia-Taft(LRT) has an hourly trip to Lucena. The bus ride to San Pablo City(SPC) will take about two hours (Depends on the flow of traffic). From 7-11(store) SPC take a tricycle to the SPC public market. Take the jeep going to Dolores Quezon. Last trip leaves at 8:00pm.

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