There is Power in the Tongue

What you say is what you get.

Did you know that what you say will eventually happen to you oftentimes? We may not realize it sometimes or usually most of the time. We say negative things  to make us humble in the eyes of other people and not to brag. 

Speaking positive things doesn’t mean that we brag about ourselves. There are sentence construction that seemed bragging to hearers but sometimes saying negative words seemed bragging too. 

Being positive can help make our brain create a positive feeling. And in the Scripture, life and death are in the power of our tongue. When we say positive things, positive things will happen. And God will bless the words you and I will say. Being pessimistic in your words can usually deter your fighting spirit. The will to move on or keep on going will begin to deteriorate. 

Thinking positive things will let you do positive plan for a positive future right ahead. Positive people will most likely be the successful persons in the future irregardless of humble beginnings or even if they are not smart when they were kids. Only positivity can bring us to greatest lengths of achievements.

With the help of God and His words combined with our optimistic outlook can we be able to grasp the success in life that we dream of. Optimistic outlook involves praying to God everyday, study His Word and then set a plan to do your tasks one day at a time without stepping anyone’s credibility at hand.

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