Is your work desk dull? Do you want to enhance your work mood? Or maybe boost your spirit of productivity in the corners of your work space?

In setting up your office space, one important thing is to create a stimulating environment. Having a fresh, vibrant, and soulful atmosphere is the first thing that comes to mind. Mostly, we humans have such a connection with nature.

Maybe you’re into greens or not, greeneries offer lots of benefits for you to enjoy! Indoor plants, the greens offer rustic feels to elevate your office, it adds color to your minimal space. Putting indoor plants in your work desk or the corner of your space improves your work environment.

Here are five (5) best indoor plants that will enliven your workspace, offer lots of satisfaction, and do not require lots of your time.


Come in wide varieties, a succulent with unique properties. They can grow (with proper care) in a little indirect sunlight. It is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and one of the prettiest. The stripes in its leaves come with different colors mostly greens. It cuts the boring color of your corners.

It offers lots of benefits to your workspace decor, health and mood. These plants have properties that purifies the air . Toxins within your space emitted by your devices and other objects which floats in the air. Snake plants cleans the air that provides humidity and oxygen to keep your room clean and fresh.


A tropical perennial (if given proper care), will give you amazing benefits. Its beauty is eye-catching, having sleek qualities which is an excellent decoration and statement piece. You can place the plant in bright, indirect light. The soil should be moist but not soaked.

NASA lists peace lily as one of the air purifiers that naturally filtrate the air removing volatile organic pollutants. The calm, tropical and beautiful ambiance is what peace lily gives you.


A tough evergreen vine yet easiest to grow kind of indoor plant. Pothos can brighten your space with their attractive leaves. It has a low maintenance nature and a high tolerance to low lighting conditions. These plants can survive in a wide range of environments. Pothos can be grown in soil or in water that making it a more beautiful interior.

Pothos is a versatile plant that you can place anywhere you want as a decoration. You can hang it in your windows or sit at your desk. It is one of many indoor plants that purify space from toxins and air pollutants.


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or the ZZ Plant is an easy indoor plant to take care of. It has wide, oval-shaped, shiny leaves. You can mistake it for an artificial object. It grows really slow. ZZ plant should be kept in bright indirect light. Just wipe its leaves with a damp cloth to take dust and keep its leaves shining.

You can enjoy its wondrous offers by adding it to spice your room and uplift the mood. It freshens the air temperature and gives humidity by fighting pollutants.


Unique and gorgeous thorny plant. Cautiousness is needed in taking care of this plant. Cactus has lots of endurance that it lives long. Its rare beauty cuts the dullness in your area. It can blend well with your workspace.

Cactus gives you an amazing benefit. It beautifies the work view and maintains the cleanliness of the air that surrounds you. It helps in your productivity as it eases the mood. The plant has soothing qualities that help you to recover faster from stress and illness.

Have second thoughts? Don’t. If you’re not interested in the listed plants above, there are more wide choices you can choose from. Having green thumb or not, indoor plants help a lot. Designs to health benefits, it gives you. Peace of mind and nature feels is the best thing a human wants. Yeah, do it!

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