The first point is more time with your family
Freelancing gives you an opportunity to manage your own time for every project you are working on. It gives you the flexibility of time, which means you can work around the schedule of your family. It also gives you more time to bond with your spouses and children. That is why nowadays, a lot of parents want to be freelancers and work from home because they want to be able to guide their kids and see them grow.
The second point is Saving Money
As much as possible, parents should always have savings for emergency purposes or for future use. Imagine not having to spend money on transportation or expensive food because you are just working from home. Working as a freelancer minimize your expenses as an individual, allowing you to a lot more financial resources on savings.
Freelancing develops the number of expenses that a household should spend and aside from that it allows you to grain profit that can be your savings as well.
Last point id Profit/Income
Everyone is looking for an income, especially for parents because they need to earn more to provide the needs of their families. In companies, they offer monthly salaries that are already established.

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