Freelance at Home (Support Your Family with Your TIME)

You go to work Monday to Friday most of the day…and your wife stays home to homeschool your kids. You get to spend time with them on the evenings and weekends but to be honest, you feel like a bit of an outsider because you’re missing out on the majority of your family’s life. You’re a family man at heart wishing you could be home more.

Getting too involved in their daily lives with your wife and sharing the responsibility of childcare and housework allows you to create the home you want and develop a family culture that you don’t miss out on. You may wonder what it would be like if you could be more involved in kids’ schooling and lives and more of a help to your wife around the house, maybe you come home some days and your wife is beyond stressed and ready to pass over the kids to you and you only get some abbreviated version of what happened during the day and you’re just sitting there trying to piece it all together but can’t and it just feels as if you spend more time switching who takes care of the kids than all being together.

If you really want to foster a deep sense of identity and confidence and self-esteem in your children having Dad and Mom a part of their daily lives is what’s going to make all the difference with the right strategy and commitment you could go from full-time employee to full-time freelancer.

You won’t need to another job in addition to your freelance work with many employee jobs there’s a huge lag time between you working hard and putting in extra work and you actually seeing more money as a result of that, that’s not the case with freelancing. I know what it’s like to grow a freelance business while supporting a family only one income.

Support your family with your time, not just your money.

You get to have flexibility in your schedule in your schedule, have routine for most part but can move your work schedule around as needed to accommodate your family life, not the other way around. When you’re in an employee job nine to five and you have employer who has control over a lot of aspects of your life, you dont get to do that your job comes first then your family comes second. When you’re freelancing your family comes first your job comes second. You don’t have to miss out on your wife and children’s lives you can be the family man that you truly want to be. Your kids will grow up fast don’t wait to transform your home life.

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