FreeLancing gives you Time Freedom

A Freelancer is one who works for themselves rathen than for a company, one who manage her own tax affairs and chooses whoever she likes to work and whatever she wants to do in her own space and time.

It is not easy to balance work and family life in the corporate world. Overwhelmed with so much pressures on commitments, deadlines, target/quota on the agreed projects and team leader who push you to work forward, working parents did not have more time to pay attention to their children while in their grown-up years.

A lot of loyal employees have to leave the company for some reason-to attend to their family needs. The turn-over of employees in the organization is really increasing which contributed to the gaps in the manpower needs.

With working from home, you have to hold that vision close to your heart everyday. It is what keeps you going and motivates you everyday. It also addressed the problem of increase turn-over rates of employees in the organization. And the reward is your time to spend the most of it with your family while working in the convenience of your own home.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for ”

Watch this before you quit your job and be a Freelancer

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