At first, I also had no idea about “FREELANCING.” What I thought was it’s just about doing some work for other people that we don’t really know. So when my girlfriend introduced this kind of job, I never really took it seriously. I just agreed to her casually, not thinking about it seriously.

While she’s explaining about it, I’m just nodding my head for her to think that I’m in the same boat with her, cause things will get easier when we won’t disagree with our partners right? I know that most men will agree about what I just said.

At that time, I’m not really interested in becoming a freelancer, because I’m still working in another country and for me, the benefits of being a seafarer are more than enough for me to start a new life with her.

I really love being a seafarer. I can travel to so many countries, learn about their cultures and you know what’s the best part about it? I experienced it without spending too much money. Enjoying my life at work while saving money.

But there is also a disadvantage about working abroad, it’s being “homesick”. A feeling of loneliness of being away from your loved ones, and the worst part of it, is all I could do about it is to suck it up and do my job.

There are times that I thought that I can’t take it anymore. Too much pressure at work and the way those other nationalities treat me in a not-so-kind way makes me think that maybe I should just give up and go home.

And also, when I finish my contract, that’s the time I can go home to my family, sometimes it’s only for a maximum of two months, for I need to go back and report to my agency to sign another contract and also spend another money for some renewal of requirements.

But then, when a pandemic has occurred, I’m starting to have second thoughts about working abroad. I stayed at home and the money I had saved was gradually running out. My girlfriend reminded me about freelancing. She said that maybe I should give it a try.

So, I started doing some research about freelancing. What’s the PROS and CONS of it, who are the people that are successfully working as freelancers. Then I met Jason Dulay and his VA Bootcamp company. I took up their training and I learned so much about it.

That’s the time I changed my opinion on being a freelancer. At first, it’s really hard for me because I had no idea about it. But as I take my modules I’m starting to get pumped up and got motivated because of the people that are so supportive and always giving me ideas to make my job easily done.

The very best part of being a freelancer is, I encountered so many professional and successful people and learned from them. Now, I enjoy doing my job as a freelancer and at the same time, I don’t need to be so far away from my family. I won’t miss any occasions and go on a trip with them while doing my job. Thanks to the people who continuously support me and help me make my life easier and happier.

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