‘Why is management important to solid waste?’ From my humble point of view, it is because most of the solid waste fail to reach their goal/rightful destination.  Studies prove that Poor waste disposal method has been a common practice to some people in the locality and worse it is seen almost everywhere.  read more

Let us NOT transform our ‘backyard/front-yard to TRASH-yard’; or ‘waterways to TRASH-ways’; or even ‘recreational park to TRASH-park’. It may sound funny or impossible before, but nobody thought a TRASH-mountain could exist In real life.

Instead, let us be MANAGERS of solid waste the nature is in DIRE NEED for that position. Our goal is to lead others by making one small INITIATIVE through proper waste disposal.  Segregation is a DO-ABLE thing.  It is not possible for a single individual to remove all the trash in our sea beds, or clean up the eye soar waste that is seen everywhere or remove the toxins in the air.  But WE CAN SEGREGATE, to slowly RE-STRUCTURE a much better environment.https://emb.gov.ph/waste-segregation-advisory/

Hopefully raising the awareness to the next level, “that along with my presence in this society there co-exist with me the fishes/seashells and other living organisms in the sea/freshwater, or the organic richness of the soil that nurtures the Agri products, or the clean air that sustains life or the balance of ecology in general”.  

Just imagine if one irresponsive individual throws trash a day and then thousands more of them are doing the same thing, they could probably create tons of garbage in one day alone in their municipality.  They better rename their place to GARBAGE MUNICIPALITY.  (it sucks! don’t you think)

I do like this inspiring quote “I choose to live by choice, not by chance; to make changes, not excuses;…”(Miranda Marrott)

And yes, life is a choice, not a chance it would take one move from us to CHOOSE to put the candy wrappers, plastic residue to its plastic waste container and not just anywhere else, reusable bottle to reusables, food leftover to biodegradables, there should be a variety of waste container as they are by-products of our varied needs.  If we happen to be in a place where there’s no waste container seen nearby, pocketing our waste is such a minor thing to do.  In doing the segregation ourselves, we are taking part in managing our waste and in the process giving back to mother earth the CHANGES she truly deserves and not excuses.

This small effort will bounce back to us with much GREATER benefits, cleaner/fresher air, with our biodegradables back to nature it would mean more harvest and a much healthier environment for humans and other living things to thrive. 

Come on everyone!  let’s do our share by PRACTICING PROPER WASTE DISPOSAL.

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