21st Century is known to be a computer age. Right, technology already took place. Will there be anyone on the household nowadays who doesn’t have a smart phones? Even young one’s who should be playing outside with peers can navigate smart phones.

As a parent, I am fine to for my teen age children to have their own smart phones. Teenagers are the most difficult stage of human to deal with. There are some factors that we need to take note of such as peer factors. However, these children are less supervise and we can deal with them by reminding them of advantages and disadvantages of what will be the effect of excessive use of gadgets.

For the children whose age ranges from 9 years and below, this children needs more education and a full supervision when it comes on handling or using a gadgets. This stage needs more learnings such as social interaction and having activities. If we didn’t manage to lessen their gadget usage, it might lead to social life withdrawals.

Many reports and post link on social media on how harmful the effect of excessive use of gadgets. As parents, we don’t want that. We love our children and we will guide them no matter what happens.