Created Feb 27, 2022

In this age of technological advancement, children utilize mobile devices to avoid tantrums. It is more likely that parents from low-income families will give their difficult children an iPad. To determine how often low-income children use their mobile devices, researchers recruited 144 healthy children.

Parents use mobile devices to pacify their children

The study looked at how parents pacified difficult-behaving children with mobile devices. They found that parents used mobile devices more often to calm tantrums in children.

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How This Could Affect Us

A recent study shows that mobile technology plays a crucial role in family dynamics. The parents should monitor how their children use these devices, and how long they should allow them to use these devices.

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Children’s Development May Be Affected by Mobile Devices

It is not advisable for parents to give their children pacifying devices like iPads and smartphones. In addition to hindering the development of empathy, problem-solving skills, and coping mechanisms, these devices also lead to addiction.

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So How Can We Avoid Tantrums?

Here are some ideas that may help:

  • Ensure plenty of positive attention is given. Make it a habit of catching your child being good. Give them praise and encouragement when they do well.
  • Help toddlers gain some control over their environment. Provide minor choices like “Would you like orange juice or apple juice?” or “Do you want to brush your teeth before or after taking a bath?” This eliminates asking “Do you want to brush your teeth now?” – which will inevitably result in a negative response.
  • Make sure off-limits objects are out of sight and out of reach. This will reduce the likelihood of struggles. In the modern world, this isn’t always feasible, especially when the environment outside the home is uncontrollable.
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  • Divert your child’s attention. Utilize your child’s short attention span by choosing something else to replace what they can’t have. Start a new activity that replaces the one that you prohibit. You can also change the environment. You might also move to a different room or outdoor space.
  • Encourage your kids to succeed and learn new skills. Teach your kids new skills. Encourage them to feel proud of what they can do. Get them started with something simple and then work on more complex tasks.
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  • Consider your child’s request carefully. What are they asking for? It may not be what they need. Pick your battles wisely.
  • Respect their limits. When you know your toddler is tired, don’t go grocery shopping or try to squeeze in one more errand at that time.
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Usually, tantrums are not a cause for concern, and they usually pass on their own. Kids gain self-control as they mature. They learn how to cooperate, communicate, and cope with frustration. With less frustration and more control, tantrums will be fewer – and parents will be happier.


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