When talking about my passion I can name lots of them. Even an ordinary
person like me has various abounding fervor. Moreover, let us understand the deep
meaning of passion. According to Mr. Webster, passion is a strong feeling of
enthusiasm or excitement about something. I define it as a love for something or a
strong desire for something that cannot be held or emotions. As an introvert and
extrovert person, I learn to love even small things that catch my desire or attention.
Having so much passion makes my life colorful. This gives me a reason to keep fighting
on with the struggles and storms of life. Additionally, all of my passion is my outlet for
life’s ups and downs. I can name some of them as my career, family, job, skills, talents,
and ministry to God. These are as well my inspiration to make it good in everything I do.

Loosen up with

the sound of music

There’s an ultimate passion, obsession, or am fond of to be specific that is
music. Ever since I was a kid I love music, I am fond of singing and was taught
vocalization. I was a member of a choir way back then and enjoyed singing in the
church. My mentors were church leaders it is where my singing voice was refined. As I
grew older I was taught on a guitar but did not pursue it so I am not that good at playing
guitar. I love music, especially Christian, love, country, rock music and am fascinated
about learning vocals. However, I haven’t been singing for years and am excited to go
back to my music ministry in the church. Am eager to learn more voicing techniques
since it is my first obsession.

I am too much attached to singing for the Lord and enjoy
second voicing. Every time I stand in front of people to sing my heart starts worshiping
by heart. It’s such an honor to edify people and glorify God through music. I often listen
to music that encourages me, enlightens me, or even stops me in my tracks. Most of
the time I am overwhelmed or overpowered by music, reduced to tears, and having
chills or shivers and with bodily sensations whenever I can relate to the sound. Every
time I wake up I turn on to any sounds to perk up my day. Music is part of my life, I can
sing by simply whispering just to aid my depression. Above all, music can turn my
mourning into dancing which gives life to my soul.

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