Events rely on the hard and good work of event staffers who are infrequently celebrated. Every successful event relies on unsung heroes who make all the elements come together without expecting recognition for themselves beyond a job well done. The sharp-eyed attention from these behind-the-scenes professionals is the secret ingredient to transformative meetings, and these people deserve to be celebrated in their own right. Their passion made your event possible.

The most important person among the unsung heroes is the Event Planner who plans, organized, and unified the event according the liking of the clients. They as well give clarity to what the clients need and want for their event. Below are the key responsibilities and duties of an Event Planner to make an event successful:

Analyze all requirements of target audience and develop effective business strategies to obtain all business objectives and coordinate with event manager to analyze all data and event calendar.

  • Participate in all team meetings on weekly basis in coordination with regional business groups and assist senior management to organize all events concepts and design and supervise effective implementation of same.
  • Plan and prepare activities for all special events for various corporate and administer all client conferences and workshops and coordinate with sponsors to design an effective plan to achieve all event objectives and goals.
  • Coordinate with sponsors to select appropriate speakers for all events and perform negotiation for all events and assist to make all arrangements for all conferences and inform local press if required.
  • Determine all entertainment activities for events and supervise effective preparation of all invitations and prepare all budget proposals for all events.
  • Perform audit on all supplier bills and administer all corporate ticket program and allocate resources as required and perform research to select most appropriate site for all projects.
  • Manage all food and beverage required for all events and prepare all event contracts and manage an inventory of all environmental materials in coordination with all vendors and assist to prepare all cost reduction issues.
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders to maintain optimal efficiency of all events and develop all marketing materials required for events and prepare plans to maximize revenue for all projects.
  • Supervise and maintain reports for all event expenditure and evaluate and process all invoices and ensue completion within required timeframe.

An example of Event Planner is Jamie Wolfer who has her own YouTube channel and films her events and shows how planning and implementing an event is. She as well gives advices and how to dupe events to her viewers.

Jamie Wolfer

Here is one of her YouTube video: