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Actually, not only in this times of pandemic, but also the best option if you got the right grit and perseverance. I came from the corporate world who had taken interest in “Freelancing” why? because it offers more options and best rewards to those who truly persevere in building and showcasing their skills to meet their target niches and client.

Perks of a Successful Freelancer:

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Flexibility – Freelancing is not only limited to the same hour frame work we have in the corporate world, since you’d be dealing with clients locally and internationally, which means time may vary, while some task requires no actual time of “duty”, as long as you finish your target goal before the deadline.

No more commuting – I recall those days where i spend 4hrs of my life going and coming home from work, 1 Hour preparing myself to work(taking my meals and taking a bath) while another hour for commuting, luckily in my case i don’t often experience traffic on my way to work, except when returning back from work since its rush hour, so sometimes coming home from work takes 1:30 or 2hrs. what more for those people who puts a higher time allotment just to go to and come home from work?

So by being a Freelancer, those hassles are eliminated, no more rush hour, no more sweaty commuting, and no more spending money for transportation, and that’s not all, that hours i mentioned, it can either be used for something more fruitful, like extra hours of rest, extra time for skill growth, or self indulgence in your favorite activities, the possibility is endless!

Earnings grows along with your skills – Make no mistake, these occur also in the corporate world, however it takes time. while freelancing on the other hand, “your earnings grows along with your skills” by accumulating your vast amount of expertise, you can charge people for your service in which amount you see is fit, and remember once you made a name for yourself in the freelancing world, people are willing to pay more so long as you can meet their expectation, but wait! there’s also bonus, there are those who pay extra on a job well done, which you don’t often get depending on the background of career you once had in the corporate world.

At the comfort of your home – since you’d be working from home, you get the opportunity to spend your time with your family more often, compared working at the corporate world. some would even battle long distance of commuting, while some battles home sickness, those who works abroad just to earn a good amount of money for their family’s future. so being a freelancer gives that perfect opportunity for you not to miss those precious moments you can spend time with your family, remember money is essential, but being able to witness your growth together with your family is priceless.

And most importantly, in this time of pandemic, you’d be having lesser chance of contact from the virus by staying at home, sure you, yourself might have a strong immunity system, but what about those people you cared the most? what if you came from work and you brought the virus back with you? the thought of its is saddening but its the reality we now face today, so being able to work as a freelancer is such a blessing.

Its all good to be true, but its a fact! but it takes tenacity, perseverance and failures to get there, and here are the cons, when pursuing freelancer as a career.

Competition is high – with those perks mentioned, comes with great competition, and as a new comer you couldn’t help but to doubt yourself, don’t worry, no one started out as a pro, but in this moments specially during this pandemic “work from home” option is getting more in demand at the same time a lot of competitors for the job arises as well, and one of the game changer here is how familiar or good you are with the tools that the client uses, of course they would select the candidate who is suitable for the job in terms of experience and knowledge, but there are those who graciously and generously enough to offer you a position and train you at the expense of their time and money (because they see a potential in you), which is a gamble and an investment for them, so if you happen to get the job make sure you reciprocate that good faith they had with you as a beginner by doing a job well done. but its also best that you invest your time in skill building, so that you’d be more presentable and ready when they are about to interview you for the job.

Scams – I know right, in that moment that you thought you got the job and worked diligently for a month then boom, client was no where to be found at payday, the time and effort you spent was in vain, (but not totally) consider what you learned from the job and move forward, it may sound simple but i know its hard when it happened, but the best way to avoid these ill fates, is to be familiar with the red flags, such as:

  • “pay first” before getting the job. NO~! the reason you are applying is to earn not to pay.
  • Before working make sure you both agreed with your client that the pay will be weekly based, that way if they turn out to be a fraud, at least it only took you 7 days worth of unpaid labor, which is a bummer but consider the experience you’ve acquired as a training that you can use as an advantage in building your profile, its not a total lost.
  • “Nothing is set in stone” not until a contract is provided, studied and agreed by both parties.
  • Get engage with “work from home groups” in social medias, so that if you have question people can help you out with your inquiries.
  • Make a research on best the platforms that caters for freelancers, and the possible clients along with it inside the platform.

(Feel free to add if you know more, which helps out the community)

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Equipment – since you are working from home, you have to make sure that your “tool’s” specs are aligned with the quality that is needed for you to get the job done, investing on such tools will yield to greater result, in terms of quality, time, and opportunity to take other task (jobs) that can be handle by your computer, i know these are a luxury to some, but it is worth the investment you finally get a good client, but if you are just starting out, id recommend you to burrow from a family, friend or know your target niche’s equipment requirement and buy the computer/laptop that meets the budget. some task requires heavy specs, while some are just simple data entry. that’s why it also pays to be techy.

Location – also plays a high factor in freelancing, why? since you are working from home, you have to make sure that your electricity and internet are both consistent, cause its a turn off to most clients when you couldn’t even do the job because of power and internet bandwidth issues, remember, the reason they hire you is to make money, and how can they do that and also pay you as well if you cant do the job? another thing, make sure you are in a quiet place, cause you wouldn’t want to deal with your clients and their customers with a rooster crowing in the background. and to avoid these inconvenience, you can always invest on a power generator, back up internet plan on your cellphone, and buying yourself a good headset with noise cancelling, but there are times where these things are beyond control like experiencing a severe storm, you can always explain to your client and they will understand your predicament.

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So we’ve both discussed what are the pros and cons when pursuing freelancer as a career? so are you up for the challenge?

If there are things you’d like to add, Suggestion, Opinions feel free to add it at the comment below

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