Do you always feel like something is missing?

Like you don’t feel yourself anymore?

As I grow older, I realized how important self-love is. So, what is self-love? Self-love means showering yourself with positivity, respect and kindness. You need to validate your feelings, accept your flaws, and acknowledge that some days you’re not fine.

It is true, that no one will truly love you if you don’t love yourself. Choosing what’s best for you is your job, and finding your happiness is also your job. Because if you depend your happiness to someone and that person will desert you, what will happen? You will be left miserable.

Knowing your self-worth will really help you to not settle for less because we all deserve to have more.

How to practice self-love:

  • Self-affirmation
  • Do things that will boost your self confidence
  • Accepting your flaws
  • Write a journal
  • Read books
  • Learn new things
  • Eat healthy and do workouts
  • Watch videos about self improvement
  • Meditate
  • Pray

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