“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

We all have those things we want to do when we grow up, from being the richest guy in your town to being a doctor or a lawyer, to being able to help your community on a large scale. But do you ever wonder why we decide on these kinds of things? Maybe because that’s what we’re told to do so or maybe that’s what we saw around us?

Let’s make things worse, you found a job 20 years later with a good salary but you noticed something strange. It felt everything was repetitive it was like you are stuck in a loophole. And you start asking yourself, is this what I really wanted or maybe I was just doing what’s expected of me? Most of us felt that way and realize that maybe it’s too late for a change.

Everything in this world was made to grow. From your career, your body, your relationship, to every civilization throughout the centuries, to every innovation ever created and etc. In other words, it is a natural law. Once this law has been disrupted or got stuck in a loophole, unpleasant things happen, unhappiness, the body starts to deteriorate, relationship loses its spark, and a whole lot more.

So what should we do? Keep on learning. Don’t be complacent with what you have or what you are right now. Explore the unknown places, reduce those unhealthy foods gradually, cook for your husband/wife if you haven’t done it before, read those books and suddenly things around you starts to glow! In being a Virtual Assistant don’t settle to just managing clients’ email, take that necessary seminar to level up your game!

And by the way, have an exit plan when your job is not giving you that chance to grow.