There’s no quite more exciting feeling when you have the chance to travel during summer. Zambales is a province in the Philippines located in Central Luzon Region and it is one of the famous places in the country. It is known for its stunning beaches, islands, coves, and affordable commodities, and dive sites. If you are looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation in the north, Zambales is one of the perfect places to go for a vacation. There are a lot of adventures waiting for you here!

If you are planning to visit the province of Zambales here is the list of the places you can add to your itinerary: Potipot Island, Inflatable Island, Bacala Sandbar, Sundowners, Mt. Pinatubo, and Crystal Beach Resort.

Bacala Sandbar is one of the well-known islands in Zambales because of the Bahay Kubo house in the middle of the island. The house was built by the government for tourist attractions. Bacala Sandbar is located in Masinloc, Zambales. It is also a side trip you can do when you go to Magalawa Island. Bacala Sandbar has a lower level of water, but during the high tide, the water can reach up to knee-deep. This island is perfect for people who like to enjoy the view of nature. You can bring food and just relax while enjoying the view of the sandbar and Zambales coast.

Sundowners Zambales is located in Botolan, Zambales. It is famous for its “infinity pool”. They have a restaurant that offers a variety of foods and they feature whitewashed villas by the beach. They will give you the most amazing ultimate private beach house experience.

Where to stay in Zambales?

Zambales has plenty of resorts you can stay in during your vacation. There are some classy hotels in SBMA like the famous Lighthouse hotel, Hotel yacht club, Moonbay marina leisure hotel, Subic bay travelers hotel. If you want a chill and minimalist hotel, you can stay in Sundowners located in Botolan, Zambales. If you want a cheaper place to stay, you can go overnight camping in Anawangin or Nagsasa in San Antonio, Zambales. It will be easy for you to find a place to stay in Zambales. Most of the beach resorts offer budget-friendly hotels. 

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